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December 21, 2018 - January 4, 2019


welcome to baking project

Baking Project Seattle uses local, fresh and organic ingredients to create delicious baked treats. Our baked goods are made from scratch, and we source ingredients within the community of Seattle and Washington State. We hope you enjoy our baked treats as much as we love tempting your taste buds!


berry pleased to meet you


mark digiambattista, owner

As a child, Mark DiGiambattista constantly pleaded with his mother to allow him to “experiment” in his family's kitchen. There was a thrill and sense of adventure for Mark when he perused his mother's box of recipes - written on 3” x 5” index cards. After he found the perfect recipe, Mark went to work on attempting to follow the instructions. Not too many of these creations came out the way they were intended, but the fun was in the process. Later on, Mark endeavored to recreate the fantastic desserts his relatives made on special occasions, like Italian lemon cookies and custard pie. Throughout the years, Mark continued his baking projects. He can remember the first time he successfully recreated his grandmother’s custard pie and presented it to his mother on her birthday. The joy on his mother's s face gave him an overwhelming satisfaction! 

Mark has pursued a career in environmental science over the past 20 years, but he is still drawn to baking. Baking Project Seattle is a continuation of the baking adventures of Mark's formative years. Whether Mark is thumbing through recipes on index cards, which he inherited from his mother, or watching cooking shows, he is always curious and eager to experiment with new recipes. With a more refined palate and several years of home baking, Mark is excited to share his love of baking with Seattle!




what our customers are saying about us

Alex S / Google - This place is fantastic! Someone at work brought in a variety of items from Baking Project Seattle. My favorite were the ginger cookies and chocolate ganache pop tarts. Both were nice and chewy, partly because they were nice and thick. I can't wait to try more.
Emily M / Yelp - I've tried multiple cookies and the pop tart from BPS and every single one was amazing and perfectly decorated. BPS would be perfect for a wedding sweets table or baby/wedding shower, or any reason to eat delicious cookies! 
Nika P / Yelp - I have tried the ginger cookies from here and they were to die for!  He used fresh ingredients (real ginger)! They were super soft and full of flavor! I can't wait to try all different cookies from here. 
Nancy D / Instagram - I ordered the linzer cookies and had them shipped to Dallas.  The package arrived perfectly and the cookies are wonderful!